Beemotion Productions

 Beemotion is a Film Production Company which offers aflexible, quick and cross-media content development.
Beemotion reflects the innovative creativity of a group of avant-garde artists committed to design, realize and brand new entertainment solutions.


Danilo is author for "Mario, una serie di Maccio Capatonda" (MTV Italy)
Director: Marcello Macchia
Production Company: Shortcut Productions
Carlani e Dogana are authors for "Zoofari Miami, Feasts with the beasts" (Zoo di 105)
Directors: Carlani e Dogana Production Company: Shortcut Productions
Cient: FlopTV
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About the directors

Although Milan-based, Danilo and Alessio work in a nomadic-style, moving globally according to the requests.

They belong to those kind of professionals who follow step by step the production process, starting from the storyboard creation to the lighting choices or decisions about the final edition. Their style has evolved covering so many genres: Documentary, Storytelling, Action, Landscape, Slow, Extreme Sports and Fashion.

They do not only spend most of their time behind the camera, but they are also tv and radio original authors.

Danilo loves to collect Napoleonic toy soldiers, Alessio has a huge passion for porky pie hats.

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